About the Client

Worldpay is a global leader in payments processing technology and solutions, handling an average of 31 million mobile, online and in-store transactions per day.

Their flagship site, worldpay.com, showcases their industry leading knowledge and research, offers insight into their products and services and acts as a portal for supporting their global client base.

Client Goals

Worldpay initially approached us to re-engineer their site to improve performance, scalability and usability.

After successfully delivering key site upgrades, Worldpay chose to extend our engagement and tasked us with helping them improve their overall digital strategy and content management processes, whilst also providing rolling site support and maintenance.

What We Did

Drupal Development

Worldpay tasked Code Positive with transforming its site into a stable platform on which new code, features and content could be added easily and consistently by multiple teams, whilst also addressing key site performance concerns.

This required significant knowledge and skill in working with Drupal combined with the development of a long term architectural strategy and management level planning.

Code Positive delivered a raft of new site features and improvements which enabled worldpay.com to be safely and consistently extended across all of its business units. This practical work was backed up by a clear set of technical standards and workflows that Code Positive developed and helped Worldpay implement internally. 

All off this work was mapped out through an initial technical roadmapping session and was key in the larger long-term architectural strategy that Code Positive helped Worldpay to develop and adopt over its 2 year relationship.

Digital Strategy & Service Plan

Code Positive provided rolling management, consultancy, technical support and site maintenance services to Worldpay, helping the organisation as it grew its web platform from being primarily sales and support focused towards offering industry-leading knowledge, research insights and a richer user experience.

By understanding Worldpay’s high level goals, we were able to help them align their digital strategy and web presence to more clearly reflect their organisation and its leading position in the financial technology sector, whilst also supporting this evolution at a technical level through new site features and experiences.

In addition, we were able to relieve pressure on Worldpay’s web managers by taking responsibility for worldpay.com’s security updates and supplying enterprise quality solutions to their day to day technical needs and emergency requests.


Code Positive’s work with Worldpay helped them align their digital strategy and content across its 3 international business units.

We also succeeded in providing a stable platform on which campaigns, knowledge content, products and services could all be delivered quickly and above all with brand consistency.