About the Client

The Global Canopy Programme (GCP) is a non-profit organisation that works to demonstrate the scientific, political and business case for safeguarding tropical forests.

REDD is an international process designed to reduce greenhouse gases. Drupal was used to create an easy to navigate centralised source of information about REDD projects, policies, research, and events.

Client Goals

The objective was to ensure that current information about REDD could be easily found and consumed by interested parties. The main challenge was that there was a lot of information being published online about REDD by a variety of organisations and individuals, which was scattered across the Internet. This meant that the information was difficult to keep up with, or to read in a useful way.

What We Did

GCP tasked Code Positive to create a site that centralised information about REDD, making it easier to navigate and engage with.

The first step was the exploration of requirements and the establishment of the project team and process. We spent time on-site refining requirements and setting up a task list. We worked with GCP to prioritise features based on business/funder needs.

We allocated three sprints for the initial development of the site. Each sprint deployed a working system that could be used in order to trial new features. We allocated one week after each sprint to test new functionality and to refine tasks and priorities for the next round of development.

After the new website was deployed we spent the following 6 months working through iterative refinements and improvements. This allowed for performance improvements, UX updates and feature tweaks based on user feedback. We provided tools to allow end users to easily add their suggestions – as well as tools for managing this input.

Code Positive provided consultancy, project planning, development, and hosting for the project.