About the Client

Global Canopy Programme is an Oxford based thinktank that has pioneered initiatives such as the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project, the Natural Capital Declaration, and the REDD Desk.

Client Goals

GCP approached Code Positive to develop a website that would communicate the aims of the organisation, their projects, and the partners they work with. The site also offers a wealth of reference material on the subject of conservation of tropical forests, and information on how to get involved with GCP.

What We Did

Code Positive provided consultancy, project planning, project management, development, and on-going support for the project.

Identity and Purpose

One of GCP's greatest contributions to safeguarding the environment is the effort it puts into clearly and simply communicating critical information from masses of often complex and lengthy legal, policy, and research material.

It was therefore important that the website also reflected their commitment to clarity in the way it communicated who the organisation is and what it does.

The About section of the site concisely sets out GCP's vision and mission, the organisation's management and staff, and the third party organisations that GCP is partnered with.