The User Import module takes a CSV file of user information and automatically creates new users or updates existing users.

Lately I've been working on the way it handles updating existing users, which up to now has been an all or nothing affair.

Options For Updating Existing Drupal Users

The new version splits the 'update existing users' option to give a choice of how each part of a user account is updated. For example we can now do an import which sets profile fields and roles for new users but only updates profile fields for existing users.

The update options for each part are:

  • None
  • Replace Data
  • Add Data

The 'Add Data' option only updates an existing user's account if there is no equivalent data there already, for example if a profile field is empty then it gets filled with the new data, if the profile field has existing data then it's left as it is.

The 'Replace Data' option replaces all existing data, including setting to empty if that is how the CSV file defines it.


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